B.B.Quse, a veteran owned company out of Syracuse, N.Y. creates sauces that elevate any B.B.Q. dish to the next level. Started by a trio of food enthusiasts, we strive to offer unique and flavorful sauces that suit a variety of tastes. Inspired by Southern flavors, with some Northern flair, B.B.Quse has the best sauces north of the Mason-Dixon.


Original BBQ

An incredible, Kansas City style sauce with the perfect blend of sweet, tangy and smokiness. Delicious enough to compliment any of your BBQ needs.

Tennessee Red

Peppery, tangy and vinegary with a perfect kick. Use it to add an awesomely unique flavor to beef, chicken or pork.

Carolina Gold

A mustard base, with an unbeatable sweetness and subtle kick. Perfectly rounded to elevate any pork or chicken dish.

Alabama White Sauce

A mayonnaise and vinegar based sauce that gives you that tanginess that your chicken and pork are begging for.

Combo 4-Pack

Can’t decide? Want to try them all? We can’t blame you, and that’s why we offer all four sauces at a discounted price in our combo pack! Get yours now!

Fresh, Local Ingredients

At BBQuse, we believe that good food starts with quality ingredients. That's why we source local, fresh ingredients for our sauces whenever possible.


Stay Saucy!